Salvia Promoters to Promote Russian Arctic Tourism in India

Salvia Promoters associates with Arkhangelsk Tourism Board to encourage Russian Arctic Tourism in India. The arrangement was signed in presence of Govt officials

Tourism Representation business Salvia Promoters has signed an arrangement with Arkhangelsk Tourism Board to represent the Russian Arctic Location in India. This settlement was signed by Mishin Sergey, Head of Centre for Growth of Tourism and Tradition of Ministry of Lifestyle of Federal government of Arkhangelsk Region and Prashant Chaudhary, Head of Salvia Promoters, in the existence of Anna Tyutrina, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Lifestyle, Government of Arkhangelsk Region.

In a move that strengthens its posture as a crystal clear sector chief in Eurasian location, tourism representation agency Salvia Promoters has bagged another spot in Russia. Chaudhary, from Salvia Promoters, claims ‘‘We have currently organised the to start with FAM vacation from India to Arkhangelsk and we are planning to organise far more this kind of FAM visits to this wonderful location. Arkhangelsk is an unexplored region for Indians and now they can find out the concealed gems of Russia, but also add this beautiful and special region to their itineraries.”

Arkhangelsk location is ideal to see the Northern or Polar Lights and open up to welcome Indian visitors to come and witness this wonderful natural phenomenon from Arkhangelsk.

Chaudhary adds that to market Arkhangelsk and Russian Arctic in India, various things to do will be undertaken, most of which will aim in the beginning on the B2B aspect of the tourism sector in India by taking part in tourism exhibitions in distinctive metropolitan areas across PAN India and roadshows.

Arkhangelsk and the Russian Artic region could possibly not be on each and every traveller’s radar, but that&#8217s component of its charm. It&#8217s a metropolis where by heritage and character intertwine, presenting a unique Russian experience. It is a location open and welcoming to Indian Holidaymakers.