Red Sea Global Achieves Saudi Arabia’s First PADI Adaptive Dive Centers

“We celebrate Red Sea Global for their remarkable feat as the inaugural ‘PADI Adaptive Service Facilities’ in Saudi Arabia.”- The Saudi Water Sports and Diving Federation

Red Sea Global, the developer behind regenerative tourism destinations The Red Sea and AMAALA, has seen its two dive centers become the first and only PADI Adaptive Service Facilities in Saudi Arabia.

This involved ensuring that all aspects of the dive bases, including infrastructure and logistics, communication methods, training protocols, and safety measures, are designed to be inclusive and welcoming to all divers. The rating requires each center to have PADI Adaptive Techniques Instructors on staff and wheelchair access throughout, including both for the diving pool and any boats it uses to provide dive experiences. Successfully attaining the rating means RSG is now able to offer inclusive diving experiences to all its guests.

Red Sea Global has two PADI 5 Star Dive Centers: Nujuma Dive Center, at the Nujuma Ritz Carlton Reserve hotel, and the TBV Dive Club at Turtle Bay Village. Both are operated by Galaxea, RSGs wholly owned dive operations subsidiary, responsible for offering diving experiences at its destinations.

To attain the rating of Adaptive Techniques Instructor, each of the Galaxea instructors participated in three days of training across the classroom, the pool and open water. Using webbed gloves, they experienced diving with limited mobility, and through a black out mask, diving with a sight impairment. They were also taught how to guide divers with these types of disabilities. These instructors are now able to teach the following two PADI specialties: Adaptive Techniques Diver and Adaptive Support Diver.

Rosanna Chopra, Executive Director – Destination Development, at Red Sea Global said “As the world’s largest ocean exploration and diver organization, PADI’s mission resonates with our commitment to creating a billion torchbearers to explore and protect the ocean. We are proud to be part of this global network and to lead the way in adaptive diving initiatives in Saudi Arabia.”

The Saudi Water Sports and Diving Federation commented on the news, saying: “We celebrate Red Sea Global for their remarkable feat as the inaugural ‘PADI Adaptive Service Facilities’ in Saudi Arabia. This significant milestone shines a bright light on diving in the Red Sea, showcasing inclusivity, excellence, and unique marine life. The Federation will continue collaboration with Red Sea Global, creating a sea of opportunities and destinations for all divers to explore and enjoy.”