Modus carpet tiles by Modulyss

Image of the Modus carpet tiles by Modulyss on an office floor

Dezeen Showroom: Belgian flooring brand Modulyss has created the Modus carpet tiles, a collection that it says is both unconventional and radiates timeless allure.

The Modus collection was devised in-house by designer Joris Peutz and features four styles – Rust, Ivy, Fade and Trace.

Image of the Modulyss Modus carpet tile in Rust in a shade of beige
The Modus collection includes the organic patterning of Rust

All four channel natural motifs, with both Rust and Ivy featuring patterns of organically shaped patches realised in subtle colour variation, while Trace has the look of fuzzy, overlaid look of rain drops on a foggy window pane.

Fade is more conceptual, with a grid-like design that dissolves into solid colour. These tiles can be laid in a random pattern to create an organic, flowing look.

Image of the Modulyss Modus carpet tile in Fade in shades of blue and grey
The Fade design is more geometric but with a natural twist

“The four designs embody the beauty that accompanies the passage of time,” said Modulyss. “They delve into the influence of nature’s elements on surfaces and objects, forging a resilient journey of beauty.”

The Modus collection is available in a range of colours. Styles can be mixed and matched to demarcate zones and create a unique flooring design.

Product details:

Product: Modus
Designer: Joris Peutz
Brand: Modulyss
Contact: [email protected]

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