Australia Records Over 400K Arrivals From India For Year-Ended January 2024

India receives in advance as the 5th major inbound market place for Tourism Australia in 2024, hosting 402,200 arrivals from India.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (Abdominal muscles) suggests that arrivals from India for the year-finished January 2024 stood at 402,200 which is 101% of 2019 stages. This is said to be the 1st time that Tourism Australia has crossed the 400,000 arrivals milestone from India. India has also moved its ranking ahead to be the 5th biggest inbound market for Tourism Australia in 2024, from number 7 in 2019. In just the month of January 2024, Australia witnessed 26,200 website visitors from India, which is 106% of pre-pandemic stages in 2019.

Nishant Kashikar, Region Manager – India & Gulf for Tourism Australia shares, “This resurgence of Indian tourists to Australia is a testament to the resilience and rebound of global journey, significantly from a single of our most valued marketplaces. This is a very clear indicator of the solid need for vacation and exploration amongst the Indian travelers, who are drawn to Australia’s one of a kind landscapes, wildlife, and the multicultural vibrancy of our cities.”