Uttar Pradesh launches comprehensive tourist survey to enhance tourist facilities

The survey aims at collecting data of tourists including their preferences, accommodation and other relevant information to aid in planning and enhancing tourist facilities

The Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department and the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, are jointly conducting a survey to assess tourist footfall in all the districts of the state. This survey aims to collect data on tourists, including their categories, accommodation preferences such as hotels, and other relevant information. The information gathered will help in making informed plans and implementing effective tourism schemes. The Indian Institute of Public Administration has been designated as the implementing agency for this project.

In addition to tourist sites, the survey will cover bus stations, airports, railway stations, and accommodation points such as hotels, restaurants, dharamshalas, guest houses, and homestays. The implementing agency’s employees are counting the tourists and uploading the data to an app. The first phase of the survey began on 1 June and will continue until 30 June. The second phase will run from 1 August 2024 to 31 July 2025.

Uttar Pradesh is rapidly developing in the field of tourism. Last year, more than 480 million domestic and foreign tourists visited the state, an increase of over 50 percent compared to 2022. The government is continuously working on developing tourist spots and facilities. Through this survey, accurate information about the number of tourists and available accommodations will be obtained. This data will not only aid in planning but also enhance the facilities provided to tourists.

Jaiveer Singh, State Tourism and Culture Minister, stated that” Uttar Pradesh is rapidly developing its tourism infrastructure and advancing in the field of tourism. The government is continuously working on developing tourist spots to provide a unique experience to all visitors. This survey will certainly boost development efforts and help offer better amenities to tourists.”