Travel Wholesalers Decode Trends & Tactics For Summer Season in India

As the travel and tourism landscape continues to evolve, the summer travel preferences of Indian travelers are embarking on new trajectories. There’s a noticeable shift in travelers’ mindset craving for innovative new products, prompting travel wholesalers to adopt fresh strategies to cater to diverse market segments. This report endeavors to explore the strategies employed by travel consolidators this summer.

T3 analyzes inputs from Rahim Aslam, Founder & Consultant at One Above Destination Management Services; and Hasan Patel, Director, Tripjack.

Trends, Key factors driving travellers’ purchasing decisions this summer

Aslam mentions that this summer, Indian travelers are excited to explore destinations that blend adventure, culture, and relaxation. From the tranquil beaches of Southeast Asia to the historic streets of Europe, they’re eager for unforgettable experiences. He further adds, “Sports enthusiasts are still globetrotting to witness major events and tournaments, while festivals draw travelers seeking immersive cultural experiences. Luxury travel remains in demand, with a focus on exclusive accommodations and personalized services. Culinary exploration is a key trend, with travelers eager to sample local cuisines and street food. Cruises remain a popular choice, providing luxury, entertainment, and the opportunity to visit multiple destinations.”

Talking about the trends, Patel mentions, “We anticipate a rise in experiential travel, with travelers seeking immersive cultural experiences and authentic interactions. Additionally, there may be a trend towards shorter, more frequent getaways.” According to him, key factors shaping purchasing decisions imply affordability, ease of travel, and the availability of unique activities or events at the destination. Flexibility in booking and attractive deals could also play a significant role in decision-making.

Product mix & destinations on rise

According to Aslam, destinations like Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Georgia and island destinations like Mauritius, Bali, and Thailand remain popular for travellers this season. Vietnam emerges as a top choice and Dubai continues to allure with luxury and modern attractions. He further highlights Singapore, and Saudi Arabia’s recent opening to tourism. Talking about product mix, Aslam indicates to some exclusive experiences such as VIP access to attractions, private tours, and luxury accommodations for their agents.

In the same regard, Patel mentions that this summer, domestic travelers are expected to flock to the hills of Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Ladakh, as well as the pristine beaches of Goa, which are always popular. The popularity of Northeast India is also increasing. He further adds, “During the summer season, the USA and Europe are typically sought-after international destinations. Cityscapes like Dubai, Baku, and Singapore also attract a significant number of travelers. For those looking to unwind, Thailand, Bali, and Mauritius are popular choices.”

Talking about what exclusive TripJack has this season, Patel mentions that they have curated custom holiday packages, with each package offering different stay types, from luxury to budget-friendly options. These all-inclusive packages can include hotels, sightseeing, airport transfers, intercity transfers, meals, etc., making it easy for travelers to focus on their holiday rather than trip logistics. The curated packages include destinations like- Domestic: Ladakh, Northeast, Kashmir, and Lakshadweep; International: Bali, Thailand, Mauritius, Vietnam; and Cityscapes: Singapore, Dubai, and Baku.

Marketing & promotional activities

When asked about marketing & promotional activities for this season, Aslam reveals that to effectively target tier 2 cities and tap into market demand, One Above has devised innovative marketing and promotional strategies, conducting extensive market research to understand the preferences and behaviors of travelers in these cities, to tailor offerings accordingly. One Above further implemented targeted campaigns to reach potential trade partners across India, leveraging digital platforms, targeted advertising, and direct outreach.

“One of our key initiatives involves active engagement with the travel fraternity through a series of events and collaborations with industry associations. These events serve as valuable platforms to showcase our unique offerings, build relationships with trade partners, and gain insights into emerging trends. By staying proactive in the trade and maintaining strong relationships with our partners, we aim to solidify our presence Pan India”, adds Aslam.Talking about strategies, Patel mentions, “Our marketing approach incorporates highly targeted, segmented campaigns and tailored to deliver relevant and engaging content to specific groups of travel agents. By analyzing their preferences and behavior, we ensure that each communication is strategically crafted to resonate with their interests and needs.”

He further adds, “We emphasize promoting sought-after destinations by curating our product offerings and showcasing what’s currently in high demand. Through this tactical approach, we aim to not only capture attention but also drive meaningful engagement and bookings among our travel agent partners.”

Kuhelika Roy Choudhury