Translucent tube forms Mexico City boba tea shop by Worc Studio

Yoozoo by Worc

Mexican studio Worc Studio has inserted a minimalist boba tea shop into a colonial building in Mexico City, where drinks are passed into a translucent vertical “tunnel”.

Behind a traditional plaster facade with exposed stone trims, the compact Yoozoo shop in the Mexican capital’s Colonia Renacimiento neighbourhood emits a warm glow to entice passersby.

Yoozoo boba tea shop in Mexico City
Boba tea fans in Mexico City can order and collect the drinks inside a polycarbonate tube

“The exterior facade is integrated into a typical colonial building that radiates a minimalist charm that takes customers into a captivating polycarbonate tunnel filled with soft light,” said Worc Studio.

The shop solely sells variations of boba tea, or bubble tea – a drink that originated in Taiwan and is made of tea, milk, water, sugar and tapioca pearls.

Vertical translucent tube with portholes on either side
The customer area is wrapped by translucent material on three sides

To order and receive their iced milky drinks, the only space that customers can access is a tiny double-height area directly in front of the door.

“Occupying a small space, the design concept revolves around creating a journey for visitors, combining modern aesthetics with functionality,” said the studio.

Black-ringed porthole with view of boba tea prep area
Drinks are ordered and collected through black-ringed portholes

Down two steps from the street, they enter into a vertical polycarbonate “tunnel” that curves around to enclose the space on three sides.

A circular light fixture above illuminates the translucent plastic and a singular blue-stone stool placed in the centre of the space.

Yoozoo logo affixed to a polycarbonate shell
The Yoozoo logo is affixed to the polycarbonate shell

“Here, customers are invited to interact with the space, not only selecting their preferred boba tea flavours, but also capturing moments of joy and excitement with friends or loved ones against the backdrop of the vibrant interior,” said Worc Studio.

Two black-ringed portholes, one to the left and the other to the right, are used for placing and collecting drink orders.

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The Yoozoo team prepares the drinks in the U-shaped space around the central tunnel, where counters and shelves wrap the perimeter.

“The station behind the tunnel is designed to be efficient, with a streamlined counter and all the kitchen equipment,” Worc Studio said.

Tiny space illuminated by a circular light fixture
The tiny space is illuminated by a circular light fixture above

Tall windows in the street facade offer glimpses into the preparation zone, but digital menu boards and decorative wrought-iron railings obscure most of the view.

This ironwork is repeated in a contemporary style for the window frame and mullions above the door, and the Yoozoo logo which appears both inside and out.

Colonial-style building exterior in Mexico City
The minimalist interior contrasts the building’s colonial-style exterior

Mexico City has its fair share of fun and unusual dining and drinking spaces, including a recently completed fast-casual restaurant where exposed concrete walls are covered in wavy green metal mesh.

The bubble tea concept also lends itself to playful interiors, as seen at a London cafe where tiers of cork seating are arranged around brightly coloured tables.

The photography is courtesy of Worc.

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