The upcoming Bankhandi Zoological Park to make Kangra a prime destination for tourists: Sukhu

The state-of-the-art zoological park is set to be completed by June 25 and would serve as a center of attraction for tourists, offering a unique blend of wildlife and showcasing the rich culture of Kangra

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that the State Government is working diligently towards its vision of making Kangra the tourism capital of the State. He said that as part of this initiative, the first phase of the Durgesharanya Zoological Park in Bankhandi, situated in the Dehra sub-division of Kangra district, is set to be completed by June 2025. The entire project spanning over 180 hectares would be executed in three phases within three years, with an estimated cost of Rs. 619 crore. He said that the park is poised to become a major tourist attraction, significantly boosting the local economy and providing numerous employment opportunities for locals and youth.

The construction of buildings for this Zoological Park would be managed by the Central Public Works Department (CPWD), following an MOU signed on May 24, 2024. Additionally, the fencing, water conservation activities, pedestrian pathways, and drainage systems of the zoo would be handled by HIMUDA.

He highlighted several key features of the upcoming Durgesharanya Zoological Park. The zoo would include a walk-in aviary, monorail safari, walk-in aquarium, natural trail and prehistoric park. In Phase I, visitors would be able to view tigers and lions through glass windows in dedicated enclosures. Apart from this bear and leopard safaris, as well as ungulate enclosures and a section for snow leopards was planned for phases II and III.

He said that at the entrance, a replica of a Kangra village would showcase local architecture and lifestyle. The facility would provide ample parking, electric charging stations, and other amenities to enhance the visitor experience. To mitigate the area’s heat, the forest department would plant various local tree species. 

He implied that these efforts aim to promote tourism and wildlife conservation and the completion of this zoological park would make Kangra a prime destination for tourists.