Ten bathroom design ideas from Dezeen

A bathroom design idea in an Edinburgh apartment

Designing your dream bathroom? From tips for tiles to suggestions for sinks and baths, here are 10 bathroom design ideas taken from Dezeen’s archive of lookbooks.

Since 2020, Dezeen has published more than 300 lookbooks providing visual inspiration for all kinds of interiors based on the stories we publish.

Below, we organise 10 recent lookbooks into a useful guide that captures several of the key contemporary trends in bathroom design.

This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen’s archive. For more inspiration, see previous lookbooks featuring stylish hallways, green-toned bathrooms and interiors decorated with zellige tiles.

City Beach residence in Perth by Design Theory
Photo by Jack Lovel

Go big on colour and patterns

Who says bathrooms need to be boring? Add some maximalist fun by pairing bold colours with striking patterned surfaces.

Included in our lookbook of bathrooms that combine colours and patterns are examples that use ceramic tiles, wallpaper, marble and paint to striking effect.

Pictured is City Beach Residence in Perth, where Design Theory contrasted mosaic tiles in the bathtub with mint green on the walls.

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Project Karper by He!
Photo by Tim Van de Velde

Keep it minimal(ist)

If maximalism isn’t for you, a more minimalist approach can make the bathroom a serene affair.

Our lookbook of minimalist bathrooms collects examples where an absence of clutter is combined with tactile, organic materials to create a tranquil space for cleansing.

The project pictured is Karper, an apartment in Brussels designed by Belgian studio Hé.

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Bathroom in Edinburgh apartment by Luke and Joanne McClelland
Photo by Zac and Zac

Select subway tiles

Using subway tiles is a bathroom design idea that can be applied to almost any project.

These rectangular ceramics first appeared in New York City’s earliest subway station shortly after the turn of the 20th century and have since become an interior design staple thanks to their timelessness and affordability.

Our lookbook of bathrooms lined with metro and subway tiles showcases their versatility and surprising variety. Pictured is a Georgian townhouse in Edinburgh renovated by Luke and Joanne McClelland.

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A bathroom design ideas example by Note Design Studio
Photo courtesy of Note Design Studio

Line it in marble…

If you’re keen to give your bathroom a luxurious feel, marble is hard to beat.

A range of marbles feature in our lookbook of marble bathrooms, as well as similar natural stones such as travertine and quartzite.

Shown above is Note Design Studio’s Habitat 100 apartment in Stockholm.

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Concrete bathroom in Cloister House
Photo by Givlio Aristide

…or concrete…

Brutalism fans may prefer the brooding, rugged aesthetic of concrete in the bathroom.

Our lookbook of concrete bathrooms collects examples that use the material to differing degrees, from wall-to-wall coverage to concrete bathtubs and showers.

Pictured is the bathroom of Cloister House in Australia by MORQ, where thick rammed-concrete walls were left exposed.

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Ace Hotel Kyoto interiors by Kengo Kuma and Commune
Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson

…or timber!

For a warmer, more welcoming feel in the bathroom, look no further than timber cladding.

Ten sauna-like spaces are collected in our lookbook of timber-clad bathrooms, using woods such as cypress, spruce and cork.

Shown above is Japan’s first Ace Hotel in Kyoto, designed by Kengo Kuma and Los Angeles design studio Commune.

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Louisville Road house designed by 2LG
Photo by Megan Taylor

Fit two sinks

If you have space to play with, a double sink is a fail-safe way to elevate the bathroom.

As our lookbook on bathrooms with double sinks shows, it’s also a good way to introduce a unique focal point.

A textbook example can be found in the bathroom of the London apartment designed by 2LG Studio, shown above.

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Wabi sabi apartment by Sergey Makhno
Photo by Andrey Avdeenko

Add a sunken bath

For those with less room to work with, sunken baths can help to save space while lending a spa-like atmosphere.

Our lookbook of bathrooms with sunken baths collects examples in a wide range of settings.

Pictured is a Japanese-influenced apartment in Kyiv designed by Sergey Makhno.

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Tiled bathrooms inside Hotel Les Deux Gares in Paris
Photo by Benoit Linero

Opt for statement sanitary ware

Bathroom design doesn’t have to be all about surfaces. Installing a bright sink or toilet can instantly add a splash of fun.

Pink, green, black and blue all feature in our lookbook of bathrooms with colourful sanitary ware.

The image above shows a bathroom in Les Deux Gares, a Parisian hotel designed by Luke Edward Hall.

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XS House by Phoebe Sayswow Architects
Photo by Hey! Cheese

What’s wrong with white?

White is the classic choice for the bathroom – but with a little imagination, yours can still stand out from the crowd.

Our lookbook of white bathrooms shows how tiles, texture and plants can be used to ensure that simplicity doesn’t equal sterility.

Pictured is Phoebe Sayswow Architects’ XS House in Taiwan.

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Dezeen’s lookbooks series provides visual inspiration from our archive. For more inspiration, see previous lookbooks featuring stylish hallways, green-toned bathrooms and interiors decorated with zellige tiles. Or, check out our kitchen design ideas.

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