Tempus Obsidian timepieces by Ben Rousseau

Tempus Obsidian timepieces by Ben Rousseau

Dezeen Showroom: British art and design studio Ben Rousseau has released a contemporary version of a traditional wall clock that features a digital display set into a glossy black face.

Tempus Obsidian timepieces display the time via an illuminated wall-mounted fixture that has a dark, mirrored surface reminiscent of Obsidian, a type of naturally occurring black-coloured glass.

Tempus Obsidian timepieces by Ben Rousseau
Tempus reimagines conventional wall clocks

“People worldwide incorporate obsidian into meditation and dream work for its ability to clear confusion and promote emotional well-being,” said Ben Rousseau.

“These timepieces have been conceived and created to serve as beacons of serenity, inviting users to pause, reflect and find solace in the rhythm of time.”

Tempus Obsidian timepieces by Ben Rousseau
The clocks intend to bring a sense of calmness

Instead of opting for the traditional appearance of a wall clock, the design features a digital display showing hours, minutes and seconds, the colour of which can be altered by the user.

“The Tempus range brings a sense of theatre and engagement to the simple act of telling the time,” the brand continued.

Product details:

Product: Tempus Obsidian timepieces
Brand: Ben Rousseau
Contact: [email protected]

Materials: glass, aluminium, acrylic, LED
Dimensions: 710 x 45 millimetres

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