SKIL Surpasses INR 100 Crore Turnover, Achieves Remarkable 50% Year-on-Year Growth

“This achievement is a testament to our long-term goals and strategic vision of sustainable growth and market leadership”. – Ramanpreet Singh

SKIL, a homegrown comprehensive travel solutions brand, announced a significant milestone in its journey: surpassing the INR 100-crore turnover mark, reaching a total turnover of INR 113 crores.

The breakdown of SKIL’s turnover underscores the diversity of its service offerings. With 19 crores attributed to Hotels, Flights & Visa services, SKIL Travel has facilitated over 37,500 room nights, both domestically and internationally for their corporate clients. The company’s transportation services arm CABI has generated 47 crores in revenue, with over 100,000 car bookings completed. Moreover, SKIL Events has contributed another staggering 47 crores to its turnover in the MICE segment, overseeing a diverse range of events. SKIL Events planned and executed more than 2000 corporate events in the FY 2023-24.

Key factors contributing to this success include strategic expansion into new markets, wherein the group is currently serving over 230 cities with its car rental business; continuous innovation in products and services to meet evolving customer needs, and a strong focus on operational efficiency, with an exceptional satisfaction level of 99.8% in over 1,50,000 transactions.

Some of the noteworthy initiatives and strategies that contributed to SKIL’s success include the implementation of targeted marketing campaigns to expand market reach and attract new customers; the launch of SKIL Events as a separate brand catering to the growing demand for event management services; CABI’s introduction of EV cabs across the top 10 cities in India and SKIL Travel along with SKIL’s other business’ continuous investment in technology and infrastructure to improve operational efficiency and scalability.

Ramanpreet Singh, VP – Growth & Strategy, SKIL said “This achievement is a testament to our long-term goals and strategic vision of sustainable growth and market leadership. It confirms our commitment to driving innovation, nurturing customer relationships, and creating value for all stakeholders.”

Shylender Jindal, Managing Director, SKIL, attributes this achievement to clients’ unwavering support, the dedication of SKIL’s team, and the collaborative spirit of its partners. “This achievement belongs to each one of them,” he emphasized.