Sabine Marcelis sculpts Euro 2024 matchball plinths to "encapsulate the love for football"

Resin Euros 2024 matchball plinths

Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis has created colourful football plinths for the Euro 2024 group stage games, while German studio Gonzalez Haase AAS has designed a stripy aluminium plinth for the opening game.

The designers were invited by sportswear brand Adidas, which makes the official Fussballliebe match ball, to design the plinths on which the balls are placed ahead of the games.

Marcelis wanted her plinths to celebrate the ball itself, while making the plinth more than a rectangular box.

Sabine Marcelis with football plinths
Sabine Marcelis designed resin plinths for the Euros 2024

“We approached the plinth in a way that we wanted to create a new interpretation of the closed box,” she told Dezeen.

“Instead, opening it up to become three volumes that hold up and celebrate the ball,” she added.

“Not only referencing the three iconic stripes of Adidas, but also the three worlds coming together in this project; UEFA, Adidas and Studio Sabine Marcelis.”

Resin Euro 2024 plinth
The plinths have a gradient effect

The plinths, which like many of her pieces were cast from resin, where designed to look like that are “lifting up” the ball.

“We were able to create the gradient effect by casting it in two colours on an angle to also give the uplifting illusion to the plinth,” she explained.

Colourful Euro 2024 matchball plinths

Marcelis worked on a number of different designs before settling on the final version, which she made in blue, yellow, red and green.

They will be used for the group stages of the game, which are currently being played.

Euro 2024 stadiums. Olympiastadion, Berlin.


The architecture of Euro 2024’s stadiums

“The process involved numerous prototypes and experiments with resin to achieve the perfect gradient and texture,” Marcelis said.

“The final form needed to be elegant yet sturdy, mirroring the qualities of the football itself. The semi-translucent material allowed for an ethereal glow, enhancing the visual impact during the pre-match ceremonies.”

Stripey Euro 2024 matchball plinth
Gonzalez Haase AAS used colourful aluminium for one of its plinths

Berlin-based Gonzalez Haase AAS also designed matchball plinths for Euro 2024, making a stripy plinth comprised of 24 aluminium sheets to represent each team that will play in the tournament.

Along with this plinth, which was used for the opening match, the studio has created as-yet-unseen special-edition plinths for the semi-final and final matches.

Football plinths for the 2024 Euros
The resin plinths will be used for group stage games

“By working with the blades, we brought light into the object,” the studio said of its multicoloured plinth.

“Through the reflection of the light on each colour, it becomes alive,” it added. “It will look always different. Even if the colour doesn’t change, the light changes it. Each blade reflects the colour next to it. So every colour is found in the other.”

Red matchball plinth
They “encapsulate the essence of Fussballliebe”

For Marcelis, creating the plinths was a chance to design something very different to the projects she usually works on.

“What most intrigued me about Adidas’s brief was the opportunity to encapsulate the essence of ‘Fussballliebe’ – the love for football – into a tangible design,” she said.

“The idea of designing a plinth that would be the focal point at the start of each match, holding the symbol of the game – the ball – was incredibly compelling,” she added.

“It was about more than just a holder; it was about creating an icon that represents the passion, unity, and excitement that football brings to millions of people.”

Dezeen recently revealed the architecture of Euro 2024’s stadiums. Previously, Japanese studio Nendo created a build-your-own-football kit.

The photography is by Tessa Ruger.

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