RezLive hosted Saudi Arabia roadshow in Bhubaneswar

The team utilized this platform to underscore the extensive benefits and exceptional support it provides to the travel agents throughout the partnership hosted a roadshow on June 7, 2024, at the MAYFAIR Lagoon in Bhubaneswar, presenting the marvels of Saudi Arabia to local travel agents of Bhubaneswar

The event was a resounding success, creating an atmosphere brimming with discovery and excitement. Travel agents from Bhubaneswar and nearby regions attended were keen to delve into the dynamic and rapidly evolving attractions of Saudi Arabia. Their enthusiasm for the destination’s rich cultural and historical offerings was palpable and inspiring.

The team used this platform to underscore the extensive benefits and exceptional support provided to agents through their partnership with They showcased their advanced booking platform, diverse travel products, and dedicated customer service, reflecting their commitment to enhancing travel experiences and driving industry innovation. This roadshow exemplified RezLive’s dedication to empower travel agents with the tools and knowledge necessary to create unforgettable journeys for their clients.

Neha Choudhary, Market Manager Leisure-North & East India, Saudi Tourism Authority through her presentation was instrumental in showcasing Saudi Arabia’s hidden gems and captivating experiences, bringing the destination’s unique travel opportunities to life for the attendees.

“We are thrilled to have ignited a passion for exploring Saudi Arabia among Bhubaneswar travel agents,” said Jaal Shah, Group Managing Director at Travel Designer Group. “We are confident that this newfound enthusiasm will translate into unforgettable journeys for their clients.”