Japandi tile collection by Cobsa

Metallic Japandi tiles by Cobsa

Dezeen Showroom: four different-shaped tiles in twelve different colours make up Japandi, a range of ceramic tiles by Spanish brand Cobsa.

Named after the style that combines Scandinavian and Japanese design, Japandi is designed as a versatile collection that offers designers “endless combinations and arrangements”, said Cobsa.

Japandi tile collection by Cobsa
Four different-shaped tiles make up the Japandi collection by Cobsa

The four tile shapes available are named Circle, Mini Picket, Scale and Union Piece. The latter two are designed as complementary pieces for the Circle tiles.

The 12 available colours are predominantly matte and neutral in tone, including mocha, latte white and velvet rose, but there are also four metallic versions available for a bolder aesthetic.

Metallic Japandi tiles by Cobsa
There are twelve different tile colours including four metallic hues

“Whether creating subtle harmonies or bold contrasts, the Japandi Collection empowers designers to explore and express their unique vision,” said Cobsa.

“The array of colours and pieces allows for boundless creativity, enabling designers to craft bespoke layouts that infuse personality into any space or project.”

Product details:

Product: Japandi
Brand: Cobsa
Contact: [email protected]

Material: ceramic
Colours/finishes: Mocha, Latte White, Savanna, Silver, Gold Beige, Rosewood, Moss Green, Steel Blue, Prusian Blue, Seaweed, Velvet Rose, Oakley Apricot
Dimensions: 160 x 160 millimetres (Circle), 140 x 160 millimetres (Scale), 90 x 90 millimetres (Union Piece), 55 x 150 millimetres (Mini Picket)

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