Grotta tile collection by Greg Natale for Kaolin

Grotta tile collection by Greg Natale for Kaolin

Dezeen Showroom: Australian manufacturer Kaolin worked with interior designer Greg Natale on a collection of tiles comprised of four mural-like designs informed by Brutalism.

The Grotta porcelain tile collection aims to capture different aspects of the Brutalist style while simultaneously creating striking works of art to add visual interest in interiors.

Grotta tile collection by Greg Natale for Kaolin
The Grotta tile collection includes Bora, a nod to Tropical Brutalism

The collection is also notable for its textural finishes, which Kaolin describes as having “never before been realised in porcelain tile manufacturing”, with surfaces that mimic plaster, cardboard or burnt wood.

The Altamira design was inspired by murals on Eastern European Brutalist buildings and features abstract portraits on a deep terracotta- and maroon-coloured background, while the Bora design nods to Tropical Brutalism with its jungle imagery and strong lines intended to reference Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha.

Grotta tile collection by Greg Natale for Kaolin
The Matera design showcases different rich textures

More abstract is Laas Gaal, a luxurious-looking tile that combines real copper inlay with the look of charred wood, and the pale Matera, which has a more subtle pattern that nods to Constructivism, with different shapes bringing in different textures.

The Grotta tile collection is available in a large 900-by-2700-millimetre format, with neutral base tiles available to complement each design.

Product details:

Product: Grotta
Designer: Greg Natale
Brand: Kaolin
Contact: [email protected]

Material: porcelain tile
Colours/finishes: Altamira, Laas Gaal, Matera, Bora
Dimensions: 900 x 2700 millimetres

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