Fifteen object designers showcased at ICFF's Look Book 2024

3D printed objects by Cyrc

Promotion: works ranging from the subtle and elegant to the bold and bespoke feature among the line-up from accessory and object designers showing at Look Book 2024, a part of ICFF in New York.

Presented in partnership with Dezeen, Look Book is a part of Wanted (previously known as WantedDesign Manhattan) held at ICFF and showcases North American designers and studios.

It attracts international architects and interior designers to explore their latest products. This in-person portfolio allows visitors to discover original works by fresh design talent for use in their projects.

This year the event will feature 67 studios and designers and formed part of the ICFF design fair at New York City’s Javits Center from 19 to 21 May.

Among the exhibiting designers were several specialising in objects, ranging from ceramics with a sculptural presence to one-off pieces that reimagine items of trash. Here were 15 designers that showed at the event.

Cyrc at Look Book 2024


Montreal-based Cyrc. makes 3D-printed homewares from recycled plastic, creating unusual forms with detailed patterns and geometries that can only be achieved with this tech-forward method.

The studio is dedicated to circularity, taking back any of its unwanted products to reuse as material.  and will also launch its first furniture line during Wanted. Cyrc. is launching its first furniture line during ICFF.

CICIL at Look Book 2024


Based out of Durham, North Carolina, CICIL is a women-owned and -operated rug and textile design studio that uses local, natural materials.

Scalloped shapes, curves and braided textures feature in its latest collection of area rugs, titled Floor Play.

Homeware by Bibelot

Bibelot Studio

Making its Look Book debut is Montreal-based Bibelot Studio, which focuses on decorative objects made out of Jesmonite, a variation on resin made with gypsum.

Playful forms and soft marbled colours feature in its Earthy Delights collection of tableware and objects.

Bedside shelf by Goux Studio

Goux Studio New York

A plus-shaped extruded design element unites all of the objects in Goux Studio’s first collection, appropriately titled Plus.

The Brooklyn-based studio showcases nightstands, mirrors, planters, shelves and hooks, all combining natural materials with this graphic component.

Side tables by Paguet


Paguet is the studio of Montreal-based Jeremy Paguet, a sculptor and designer whose latest collection, Spline, is cut from robust pieces of metal.

Paguet worked with a randomly drawn line that he laser cut into the material and finished each piece by hand to give them a unique character.

Furniture by Studio Lauren Goodman

Studio Lauren Goodman

Montreal-based designer Lauren Goodman works with discarded junk, turning items recovered from bins or oceans into sculptural pieces intended to be beautiful and functional.

Her current collection, titled Fresh Catch, includes a shelf, mirror and table, among other furniture and objects.

Seating and a floor lamp by Sunshine Thacker

Sunshine Thacker

Based out of New York’s Hudson Valley, artist and designer Sunshine Thacker works primarily with clay, creating highly detailed ceramic objects with a sculptural presence.

However, her recent work has also included hand-knotted rugs and upholstered furniture, resulting in an oeuvre of unusual breadth.

Wall art by Tina Scepanovic Studio

Tina Scepanovic Studio

New York-based artist Tina Scepanovic has a background in furniture restoration that informs her work, which often features traditional techniques embedded within contemporary designs.

Form, texture and material are all emphasised in the artist’s creations, which include wall sculptures, floor lamps and bronze decor pieces.

Rug by Tomma Bloom

Tuft the World Editions

Tuft the World is a Philadelphia-based studio that works with artists and designers to create one-off rugs and wall-hangings using its CNC tufting machine.

Abstract landscapes and fun food-inspired shaped rugs have featured among the studio’s recent works, and at Look Book Tuft the World will showcase a collaboration made with Tomma Bloom.

Ceramics by Kiara Matos

Kiara Matos

Kiara Matos’ childhood in the Venezuelan Andes inspires her ceramics work, which features motifs of exotic flowers, birds and mountains, all created with delicate shaping and glazing.

The artist and designer is now based in New Haven, Connecticut, and showcased mirrors, lamps, stools and wall objects at Look Book.

Colourful and patterned design objects by Mana Sazegara Design Studio

Mana Sazegara Design Studio

New York-based designer Mana Sazegara creates textiles, wall art and objects featuring bold, graphic patterns, with geometries inspired by her background in architecture.

Photo of design objects by Samantha Sandbrook Art & Interiors

Samantha Sandbrook Art & Interiors

Wall decor is the purview of Toronto-based artist and designer Samantha Sandbrook, whose recent work includes lucite wall tiles and a sculptural installation of small cylindrical pieces.

Photo of Jackie Kazarian

Jackie Kazarian

Chicago’s Jackie Kazarian creates wallpapers emblazoned with her vibrant large-scale paintings, which blend landscape and abstraction.

Photo of light by Olivia Barry / By Hand

Olivia Barry / By Hand

Ceramics and lighting design combine in the work of New York State’s Olivia Barry, whose wall sconces feature elegant curled and folded shapes.

Photo of ceramic design objects by SSNYC Ceramics

SSNYC Ceramics

Complex shapes and rich surface textures feature in the artistic ceramics work of SSYNC Ceramics, a New York-based studio presenting lamps, vases and decorative objects at Look Book.

Look Book is a part of WANTED (previously known as WantedDesign Manhattan)

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