Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour reveals Wow!house 2024 in exclusive Dezeen video

WOW!house bathroom at Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, designed by Michaelis Boyd

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour is hosting the third edition of Wow!house, a purpose-built showhome in London exhibiting works by international designers, as seen in this video produced by Dezeen for the interiors hub.

Designers were invited to showcase their designs in separate rooms of the house over which they are given complete creative control.

Wow!house designers 2024
Wow!house 2024 is held at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour and features 19 rooms by international designers

There are 19 custom rooms in total at Wow!house, including a study by Anahita Rigby and a Zimmer + Rohde bedroom by Tolu Adẹ̀kọ́.

“It’s about accessing all of these creatives under one roof,” says Claire German, CEO of Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour in the exclusive Dezeen video interview.

Home Bar by OZA Design
The Home Bar was created by OZA Design and draws inspiration from Western and Eastern cultures

The Home Bar was designed by OZA Design with the aim of bringing together Western and Eastern cultures.

“We wanted the guests to come on a journey… like on the Orient Express,” said OZA Design’s Alexandre Simeray.

The Zimmer + Rohde Bedroom Suite was designed by Adẹ̀kọ́ & Co. Studio.

“We want it to take guests away from what would be the normal, expected bedroom and create something quite… unusual,” said the studio’s founder Tolu Adẹ̀kọ́.

Zimmer + Rohde Bedroom Suite by Tolu Adẹ̀kọ́
The Zimmer + Rohde Bedroom Suite was created by London-based designer Tolu Adẹ̀kọ́

“Exhibiting at Wow!House means a great deal to me personally,” he went on to explain.

“Being the first British-Nigerian designer selected to work on the space and to show the public what could be done from a small studio based in southeast London.”

House of Rohl Primary Bathroom by Michaelis Boyd
The House of Rohl Primary Bathroom features a painted landscape above a circular bath tub

A large circular bath takes centre stage in the House of Rohl Primary Bathroom by Michaelis Boyd, which sits within an alcove with a painted dome on top.

The Study was designed by Anahita Rigby and fuses Georgian and Japanese design principles.

Study by Anahita Rigby at Wow!house 2024
The Study at Wow!house features Georgian and Japanese aesthetics

Rigby mentioned that she was inspired by the objects people bring home from their travels abroad.

“Falling in love with something on holiday and bringing it home and it’s your new favourite thing you put on your mantelpiece… it’s what interiors are all about,” said Rigby.

German cites the “incredible” level of detail in each room, noting that the importance of the ceiling continued as a theme throughout the home. “The designers have used it as the fifth wall,” she explained.


Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour to host WOW!house 2024

Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour has stated that the materials used throughout the home will be repurposed, or returned whenever possible, while rooms such as the Martin Moore kitchen will be re-installed in a new location after the event.

There will be a programme of events, including tours of WOW!house, open to the public until 4 July 2024.

WOW!house runs from 4 June to 4 July 2024 at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour in London. See Dezeen Events Guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events taking place around the world.

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