Delia basin by Acquabella

Delia basin by Acquabella

Dezeen Showroom: a semi-totem design, a pleated relief pattern and a wide choice of colours meet in the Delia Zero washbasin by Spanish bathroom brand Acquabella.

The Delia sink features a deep basin with a wave-like relief on the lower half of its outer structure, creating a contemporary statement in bathroom design schemes.

Delia basin by Acquabella
The Delia basin is a semi-totem with a pleated feature along its lower half

Acquabella describes the relief as adding movement “without weighing down the shape” and says the smooth finish created by its Zero texture makes it pleasant to touch.

The Delia basin is available in more than 2,000 colours and a choice of three styles: either wall-mounted, countertop or a freestanding design, which has slender legs and a low shelf for storing towels and other bathroom products.

Delia basin by Acquabella
It is also available in a wall-mounted design

Both the shelf and basin are made of Akron, Acquabella’s signature high-performance material, which is made of polyurethane with silica-free mineral fillers, and promises enhanced hygienic properties and resistance to impact.

“Delia is the perfect choice for those who prefer a contemporary and trendy bathroom ambience,” said Acquabella.

Product details:

Product: Delia
Brand: Acquabella
Contact: [email protected]

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