Dawid Konieczny designs dinky Warsaw apartment to have "the ease of a good hotel room"

Warsaw appartment by Dawid Konieczny

Polish architect Dawid Konieczny has added mid-century modern elements to this Warsaw studio apartment, conceived to echo the compact size and sophistication of a hotel room.

Set within an early 20th-century building clad in terracotta bricks, the apartment’s petite perimeter formed the basis for its interior design.

Interior design by Dawid Konieczny
Dawid Konieczny designed the apartment to mimic a hotel room

“We’re talking about 30 square metres, so it’s kind of the size of a hotel room,” Konieczny told Dezeen.

“I wanted to combine the ease of a good hotel room with the idea of a chic mid-century modern apartment.”

Oak-panelled walls designed by Dawid Konieczny
The hallway features oak-panelled walls

The hallway features sinuous walls covered in smooth oak panels, concealing subtle storage compartments that make the most of the apartment’s high ceilings.

This entrance gives way to a single room that holds both private and public spaces and maintains the building’s original herringbone flooring.

Quartzite kitchen counter
Veiny quartzite was applied to the kitchen countertop

A boxy, stained oak and steel shelving cabinet separates the low-slung double bed from the dining area, where a bespoke rounded table is surrounded by a set of vintage Casala cantilever chairs upholstered in pinstriped fabric.

“I hoped to express the soul of the 1970s,” explained Konieczny, who also placed a small abstract painting by Polish artist Tomek Opaliński above the dining table.

Dawid Konieczny-designed Warsaw apartment
Konieczny selected vintage cantilever chairs for the dining space

On the other side of the room is an open-plan kitchen with a caramel-hued countertop finished in veiny Palomino quartzite, illuminated by antique mid-century sconces Konieczny sourced specifically for the project.

A sleek oven is tucked into one of the oak-panelled, space-saving walls.

Pistachio-coloured bathroom
Pistachio-coloured tiles line the bathroom

Opposite the bed, a pair of dusty mauve armchairs frame a squat coffee table, forming a small living space.

“Thanks to quality materials and vintage furniture selections, the apartment has a timeless character,” said Konieczny.

K916 holiday apartment designed by Thisispaper Studio


K916 and K907 are a pair of pared-back holiday apartments in Warsaw

Pistachio-coloured tiles line the bathroom, which is separate from the main space. Monochrome, basketweave flooring was chosen to complement the room’s retro standalone sink and built-in bathtub.

“The idea was to create a warm and comfortable feeling for the apartment but with a classy vibe,” added the architect, who designed the home for a duo of Paris-based fashion photographers seeking a “cosy shelter in Warsaw” in between frequent travel.

White walls in Warsaw apartment
The apartment was designed for a pair of fashion photographers

Elsewhere in the Polish capital, interiors studio Mistovia incorporated walnut burl and terrazzo accents to another apartment while Noke Architects created a two-tone interior for an Italian bar.

The photography is by Oni Studio.

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