’s Travel Trends for 2024: How Indian Travellers Plan Their Trips

Booking.Com reveals insights about how Indian travellers plan their trips’s Travel Trends for 2024unveils interesting insights into the mindset and behaviour of Indian travellers when they plan their trips. While 61% of travellers book flights and 37% book event tickets well in advance, car rentals, restaurant reservations and even taxis are either booked along with the accommodation or left until closer to the trip date.

Planning for Takeoff: Flights Lead the Way: More than half (61%) of Indian travellers book their flights before securing accommodation while planning their holiday.

The All-in-One Approach: Around a quarter of Indian travellers prefer booking multiple aspects of their trip at the same time and are looking to book flights, accommodation, attractions, car rentals, restaurant reservations and even taxis simultaneously on a platform offering seamless travel experience.

Foodies Rejoice: While making decisions about the choice of accommodation, Indian travellers emphasise culinary convenience. 40% of travellers are willing to pay extra for that delicious breakfast spread and 54% crave unique food experiences like food tours and cooking classes.

Last-Minute Decisions on the Ground: Nearly a third (13% to 33%) of Indian travellers wait until after booking their stays and just before their trips, to arrange car rentals, restaurant reservations and taxis. They are looking for flexible and spontaneous experiences during their travels. This likely allows them to discover hidden gems and local delights once they are settled into their destination, adding an element of surprise and discovery to their itinerary.

Train Travel: Planning is Key: More than half (58%) of Indian travellers book train tickets before securing accommodation to ensure a smooth journey and avoid the stress of last-minute scrambling for seats.

Event Enthusiasts Plan Early: Similar to flights, 37% of travellers prioritize booking event tickets before their accommodation. Whether it is a music concert or a sporting event, securing event tickets ensures these experiences become a highlight of the trip.

Santosh Kumar, Country Manager for India, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Indonesia at comments, “ Travel Trends provides valuable insight into the travel planning behaviour of Indian travellers. By understanding these preferences, the travel industry can tailor their offerings to cater to different planning styles and preferences – and at the right time across the traveller journey. Whether it’s the meticulous planner or adventurous improvisers, is committed to making it easier for everyone to experience the world.”